[Bits 1] Year of the Dog

Happy new year! … again

As I seem to only post blog entries at the start of a fresh year, here’s the first of what I hope will become a fairly frequent round-up of articles, books etc that I’ve found particularly interesting during the preceding week or so.

If all goes to plan then maybe I’ll get my next post out before the Mayan calendar flips over in July.


Introducing capsule networks

A brief, and understandable, overview of a new neural network architecture from the godfather of deep learning Geoffrey Hinton.

Lessons from optics, the other deep learning

A case for making deep learning more intuitive and approachable by comparing its layered nature to that of the field of optics.

How neural networks learn distributed representations

An intuition for how a deep learning net can capture representations and models across its distributed parts.

Game-theory insights into asymmetric multi-agent games | DeepMind

From the masters of reinforcement learning and AI game playing (DeepMind) comes a technique to quickly and easily identify the Nash equilibrium of an asymmetric multi-agent game.

Quantum computers ‘one step closer’

BBC article on some recent developments in the field of quantum computing.

Why the Web 3.0 matters and what you should know about it

Data privacy and governance are increasingly important topics in today’s world. Web 3.0 - the decentralized web - is approaching fast, thanks mainly to blockchain. This post brings you up to speed on many of the areas of our lives this may have the power to affect.


Deep Learning with Python

A fantastic dive into the practical aspects of deep learning. The only real downside is that there’s such a wealth of information present that it’ll take a fair few iterations to fully absorb all of the content.

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